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5 Makeshift Cannabis Pipes Using Produce in Your Kitchen

5 Makeshift Cannabis Pipes Using Produce in Your Kitchen

5 Makeshift Cannabis Pipes Using Produce in Your Kitchen

Sometimes it happens. The time comes to enjoy some cannabis but there’s nothing available to smoke it with. In most cases, this problem can be quickly resolved with a little ingenuity. Stoners have been developing creative ways to get high since the plant was discovered. If you find yourself stuck in just such an emergency situation, don’t lament. Just open your fridge; any of the following products can easily be transformed into a good tasting and “healthy” bowl!

Doesn’t this bring you back? (Image Source: Google)

The Classic Apple Pipe: Far and away the most popular on-the-fly smoke option, the classic apple pipe gives new meaning to the words “fruit bowl.” Carve out the top with an apple peeler, use a skewer to add a carb and hole for smoking. If you have a straw handy, cut a piece off and insert for your mouthpiece. No skewer? A pencil or pen tube will work too.

This is an interesting one…(Image Source: Google)

The Cool Cucumber: This seems even easier than an apple pipe. Carve a bowl into one side and slide a skewer through the center. Add another poke for a carb and ta-da!

Yea, we know, this isn’t a chillum, but how cool is this!! (Image Source: Reddit)

The Carrot Chillum: Chop off both end of a decently sized carrot and drill your way through with a metal skewer. Carve out a bowl in the wider end, pack and smoke.

Functional, but we recommend the apple! (Image Source: Google)

The Puff-and-Pass Potato: Same routine as above. Wash! Carve out a decent size bowl, add a hole to smoke through and a carb hole, you’ve got yourself a sturdy potato pipe.

You can get creative with this one, there are so many types and shapes of squash! (Image Source: Google)

The Stoney Squash: Gourds and squash are harder to pierce but make very sturdy and tactile pipes in a pinch. Melons have softer skin but make for juicier pipes.