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5 Last Minute Cannabis Costume Ideas

5 Last Minute Cannabis Costume Ideas

5 Last Minute Cannabis Costume Ideas

If you’re looking for no-fuss, low-cost Halloween costume ideas with a cannabis theme, look no further. Don’t have time to pick up a costume? Want something that can “just get by?” These costumes can be put together with a quick trip to Goodwill and/or your local Halloween store. Here you go:

The Zig Zag Guy. The ubiquitous icon of the most popular rolling paper brand in the U.S., the Zig Zag guy was one of the most popular tattoos of the 1960s. All you need to pull this costume off is a hooded robe, a joint, a pack of Zig Zag rolling papers and a fake beard and mustache combo. Make sure that mustache has some curl!

A Blunt. Dress all in brown. Add greenery around your shoulders. Grab the closest thing you’ve got to a championship wrestling belt and turn it into a makeshift cigar band.

A Joint: Wrap yourself in a white sheet and put on long, white gloves. Add some gray “ash” and a “glowing tip” to your head and shoulders with make-up and colored hairspray.

Willie Nelson/ Bob Marley: The top two musicians regularly associated with cannabis, neither costume is too hard to put together. Willie Nelson requires pigtail braids, a wide headband or cowboy hat, a black t-shirt, and some facial hair. For Bob, grab a tie-dyed t-shirt from your local thrift store, dreadlocks, glue on some scraggly facial hair and a roll a massive joint. No blackface, please!

Cheech Marin: Go for the classic Up in Smoke Cheech look with a red stocking cap, beige half-shirt, beige pants, and red suspenders. Add a shaggy wig if needed and a big, fake mustache!

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