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5 Indie Games to Play High for Under $20

5 Indie Games to Play High for Under $20

Today’s video game market has never been friendlier to indie publishing. While the mainstream publishers bank of profits from churning out the same tired franchises, indie developers are creating innovative, engaging and delightful games and being rewarded by passionate fans.

For millions of gamers video games offer the ultimate escapism. They offer emotional rewards like a sense of accomplishment when completing goals or gaining levels as well as giving the player a chance live out a fantasy life completely unachievable in real life. Be a pirate, a revolutionary, a spy or a detective; build, create, evolve, explore and destroy. You control your character’s destiny.

The beauty of gaming on cannabis lies in its ability to help you suspend disbelief and truly engage in the world and story. Plus, it makes the graphics more appealing, the soundtracks more moving, and your emotions more open to subtle in-game cues.

Regardless of your gaming style, you’re sure to find a favorite in this list of six indie games that are perfect for playing while high:


Cuphead and his brother Mugman are the main characters in this quirky, retro run-and-gun action game. Your goal is to collect souls for the devil in order to avoid damnation, all thanks to lost bet. You do this by defeating enemy levels and boss fights. It features hand-drawn art work inspired by classic cartoons like Betty Boop and a jazz soundtrack, perfect for pairing with a sativa hybrid.

Windows/Xbox One – Under $20

Recommended for people who love action games and/or 1930’s cartoon art.

Don’t Starve Together:

Another indie hit featuring hand-drawn art and challenging gameplay, Don’t Starve Together is the co-op version of the original Don’t Starve. It’s both a game of exploration and survival; the goal is right there in the title, don’t starve. It’s harder than you think! The co-op feature makes it a great choice for smoke sessions with a friend or partner as you can play side-by-side on the couch. Pair it with a balanced hybrid.

PC/Mac/Playstation/Xbox – Under $15

Recommended for couple and friend co-op play, fans of hand-drawn art, people who love survival games.

The Flame in the Flood:

The Flame in the Flood features great hand-drawn art and a kicking alt-country soundtrack. You play as Scout, a survivor in the middle of a great flood. Your goal is to evacuate and seek out other survivors. Oh, and stay alive. The game is much more than navigating down the procedurally-generated river, avoid obstacles and making landfall to scrounge for supplies. You’ll need to manage Scout’s health, from starvation, dehydration, sleep and cold while under constant threat of bad weather, vicious animals, and environmental hazards. If you don’t treat scratches and cuts, you may end up with an infection. The river is full of choices. Do you stop and loot or push on to the next dock? Take the right fork or the left? A wrong decision could cost you the game. Play a campaign or endless mode, every playthrough features a new river and new locations. Pair this game with an indica hybrid for a mellow escape into another world.

PC/Mac/Xbox One – Under $10

Recommended for survival game enthusiasts, fans of The Oregon Trail, casual gamers


Subnautica is an underwater exploration and survival game. The game starts with you crashing your escape shuttle onto a planet nearly completely covered in ocean. Your exploration will uncover blueprints for improved technology as well as uncovering the mystery of why you crashed in the first place. Can you escape the planet? The ocean is filled with alien creatures, some friendly, some not. As you improve your gear, you can explore deep cavern systems and new biomes of flora and fauna. What makes Subnautica standout in a sea of survival games is its lack of emphasis on combat. There are no guns. Better to avoid danger than seek it out and destroy it. Instead, use your scanner to learn more about the environment and unlock database entries. Vape a relaxing indica and end enjoy the beauty of an alien sea.

Subnautica has been in an early-release program for a while, so if you checked it out before, be sure to give it another chance. The recent mega-updates have added more story, improved graphics and better framerate.

PC/Mac/Xbox One – Under $20

Recommended for fans of base-building and exploration games, sci-fi lovers, scuba divers

The Wolf Among Us:

One of the top-selling games from publisher Telltale Games, The Wolf Among Us is a modern choose-your-own-adventure mystery that takes place in a world of fables. It’s worth mentioning these fables have been exiled to New York City and have very different lives than in their fairytale days. A gritty story dealing with adult themes, you play as Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown. Each choice you make impacts the story and eventual ending. There are a few “action” sequences but much of the story is interacting with your environment and other characters. The story is the star in this game. Enjoy with an indica hybrid for a relaxing way to unwind and get in touch with your deductive powers.

PC/Mac/ iOS/Android/Playstation/xBox One – Under $10

Recommended for choose-your-own-adventure fans, mystery lovers, armchair detectives