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5 Great Reasons to Enter High Art 2018

5 Great Reasons to Enter High Art 2018

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is here already! But, that just means we’re that much closer to launching this year’s High Art competition!

Now in our 5th year, we’re very excited to see what this year’s theme of FREEDOM will bring. The competition will be tough, but we’ve got more than $45,000 in prize money to give away which will make some lucky artists very happy! Will you be one of them?

Here are 5 great reasons to enter High Art on February 20th when submissions begin:

Cash, cash, cash!

One grand prize winner will walk away with $15,000 in prize money while the top 10 entries will also receive cash prizes of lesser amounts. It will be hard to grab that grand prize, but $15k is a pretty life-changing amount, is it not?

It’s free!

There are no entry or judging fees. If you’ve got the talent and time, you can enter as many pieces are you want. Just be sure they are all original and adhere to the few simple rules!

You can help a great cause.

Did we mention that in addition to $15k in cash awarded to the grand prize winner, we’re donating o$10,000 on their behalf to top-notch international charity? We’ve selected a diverse group of highly rated international charities for the winner to choose from representing causes from children’s health to halting animal cruelty.

The odds are great (right now).

High Art 2017 garnered around 3,400 entries and this year we hope to double that amount! But as High Art grows, the competition will only become fiercer. Better to get in early and grab your best chance at a top cash prize.

Gain exposure to a broad, art-loving audience.

The Natural Cannabis Company loves to promote winning High Artists! From amazing High Art wrapped vans to exhibits at international art and culture events, we’re out there spreading the word about High Art and the incredible artists who’ve won our hearts and our money. We use winning artwork on our premium cannabis packaging and exhibit it locally near our headquarters in Santa Rosa, California at our High Art gallery in the heart of Northern California’s Weed and Wine Country!

Learn more about High Art here!