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5 Festive Edibles for Your Holiday Snack Table

5 Festive Edibles for Your Holiday Snack Table

One of my favorite things about visiting my grandparent’s house during the holidays was the array of holiday snacks they put out. Small bowls of mixed nuts and party mix, candy dishes filled with red and green foil-wrapped chocolates, and small plates of homemade pecan rolls, rice crispy treats and fudge graced tabletops throughout the house. Now as an adult, I still love grazing my way through the holidays. If you’re hosting a holiday gathering of weed-friendly adults this year, or just want to provide visitors with a few snacks when they stop by, why not add an infused treat table to your options?

Here are five of our most festive treats that both look and taste great. They’ll make you feel fine too. Just be sure to clearly label your cannabis edibles to prevent any accidental ingestion or overindulgence.

Java Janes ($7/4 pieces):

Java Janes Single Serve

These adorable micro-dose chocolate-covered espresso beans are perfect for small plates. Each bean is 10mg of THC so your guests are free to sample other treats or try the variety of flavors until they find their ideal dose.

Rice Crispy Squares ($7):

Rice Crispy Single Serve

Rice Crispy treats are suitable for any occasion but toss a few red and green sprinkles on top of these delicious confections and they’re ready for your holiday table. Each square is 10mg THC.

Natural Stars Micro Serving ($7/4):

Natural Stars Micro Serving

Festive red gummy stars made a fun addition to the treat table. These small dose edibles are perfect for the novices in your group. Each star is only 2.5% THC (total 10mg per package), a nice way to ease into your perfect dose.

Heavenly Sweet’s Ranch Crackers ($17):

Ranch Crackers

Looking for a crunchy, savory option for snacking? These delicious ranch-flavored crackers offer ten doses per bag, for a total of 100mg of THC. Perfect for sharing with guests!

Altai Dulce de Leche Bonbons ($17/6 bonbons):

bon bons

Both gorgeous and delicious, these bonbons offer a rich, creamy filling surrounded by silky dark chocolate. Put these out for your gluten-free friends and they’ll be thankful!