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5 Energizing Sativa Strains to Make It Through the Time Change

5 Energizing Sativa Strains to Make It Through the Time Change

It’s that time everyone dreads, time to “fall back” and change the clocks! Make sure to set your clocks back on Saturday night as the time change takes effects at 2am on Sunday, November 5th. This archaic tradition disrupts the lives of many Americans, influencing their mood, sleep patterns and more. But never fear, sativa is here to help! Below you’ll find some high energy sativa strains perfect for bleary mornings to help you adjust.

Strawberry CoughStrawberry Cough: Sweet and fragrant with a candy taste, Strawberry Cough provides euphoric mental energy and a burst of mood elevation.

Northern Emeralds Durban PoisonDurban Poison: A potent strain flavored with cheese and fuel, Durban Poison is a powerful sativa known for mind-bending euphoria and creative energy.

Light Deprivation Cherry AKCherry AK: This sativa dominant phenotype of the popular AK-47 strain provides an energizing body buzz and strong head effects.

Outdoor OG Blue DreamOG Blue Dream: Perfect for outdoor activities and socializing, OG Blue Dream will leave you feeling alert and humming with energy.

Subcools ChernobylChernobyl: A little speedy for some, this powerful sativa hybrid will keep you going throughout the day with strong body buzz and mental energy.