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4 Ways to Manage Chronic Pain with Cannabis

4 Ways to Manage Chronic Pain with Cannabis

In states with medical cannabis, patients overwhelmingly declare pain as the top reason they are seeking relief. Cannabis has been shown to be as or more effective than traditionally prescribed opiates for treating pain without harmful side effects or risk of overdose. There are several types of cannabis products that are especially beneficial to pain control and various ways to administer it, depending on your personal needs and preference.

Choose whole plant medicine.

It’s a term you may have heard, but what does it mean? Whole plant medicine doesn’t mean the entire cannabis plant is used but rather that as many of the natural cannabinoids and terpenes were preserved as possible. This contrasts with cannabis products made with isolated and purified THC or CBD. Synthetic cannabis has been shown to be far less effective and desirable versus natural cannabis flowers and whole plant extracts.

Topicals can ease skin, muscle and joint pain.

There are many topical cannabis products that can offer effective relief from a variety of painful maladies. The soothing, healing properties of the plant can help skin conditions like eczema when applied in a lotion or balm. Sports and warming rubs are great for aching muscles. Cannabis is a natural anti-inflammatory and many topical can help arthritis and other inflammation problems.

Sublingual delivery is fast and effective.

Cannabis products made to be placed under the tongue are some of the most effective and fast-acting products you can buy. Whether THC or CBD, tinctures and oral sprays can take effect as soon as 30 seconds to two minutes making them a good choice for patients who need quick treatment. These make good choices for treating severe chronic problems like epilepsy or degenerative disorders.

Cannabis suppositories are an option.

For patients with certain digestive or bowel problems or an intolerance for other methods, cannabis suppositories can be helpful. Taken rectally, the medicine is quickly absorbed and spread throughout the body. You can purchase commercially made products or make your own.