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4 Things to Look for in Your Cannabis Dispensary

4 Things to Look for in Your Cannabis Dispensary

If you’re like many cannabis recommendation holders, you probably headed to the dispensary that’s closest or most convenient to you and then looked no further. The truth is that cannabis dispensaries are as unique and varied as strains of cannabis. Before you commit to a single dispensary, look for these important features and make sure you’re getting the most out of your dispensary visits.

Safety: Your dispensary should make you feel safe walking to and from your vehicle. Cannabis businesses are prime targets for criminals as they mainly operate on cash. A good dispensary will have visible security personnel, an array of security cameras and a well-lit parking area during evening hours.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff: Are the employees friendly when you arrive? Are you greeted and offered help? Some dispensaries seem as if they’re a secret club where you need to know a special handshake to get decent service. If the employees are busying chatting with each other, ignoring clients that aren’t regulars or friends, or generally acting aloof, snotty or condescending, you can do better. Start shopping around now!

Staff should also be knowledgeable on all their products. They should be able to offer product and strain recommendations based on your needs, but please show some restraint. Cannabis stewards are not medical professionals and there’s such a thing as TMI! Budtenders or stewards should also have basic knowledge of cannabis science, including the basic compounds in cannabis and what they do.

Variety: If you find yourself having to choose from three or four strains that meet your requirements when cannabis shopping, it’s time to shop around. Some dispensaries are very small, offering a small selection of strains. Of these, some are surely CBD-rich, most are mid-range and a few will be high-THC premium cannabis. This leaves the consumer with very limited choices for medicating regardless of which range they’re shopping in. Make sure wherever you’re spending your money, that you have a decent range of strains that could work for you to choose from.

In addition to a limited variety of strains, you should know where your dispensary acquires their cannabis. If all or most of their products are grown by the same farm, you best be happy with the quality of their products. Ideally, your dispensary will purchase cannabis from a variety of farms and growers. If solid testing processes are in place to assure the cannabis is pesticide- and contaminant-free, purchasing cannabis from a variety of sources is best. Differences in growing methods, atmosphere, conditions and nutrients will create wide-ranging cannabinoid and terpene profiles. This in turn will help combat tolerance build-up and allow you to have an enjoyable experience with cannabis at while consuming less.

Professional and pleasant atmosphere: Your dispensary shouldn’t look like the stoner hangout behind your high school. Even in casual apparel, staff should look clean and neat. Products should be well displayed with product information and pricing clearly visible, even to those with poor eyesight. In a perfect would, there should be variety in personnel, including a range of ages to make different clients comfortable with their steward. A menopausal woman doesn’t want to talk to a 20-year old man-bun wearing budtender about hot flashes. You shouldn’t feel rushed or uneasy. It should feel comfortable to browse and ask questions.

If all four criteria above are met by your dispensary, then congratulations! You’ve probably been having a great experience all along. If not, then hop online and check out the other dispensaries near you. You may find that extra drivetime worth it if you’ll have a better overall experience. Bear in mind that pricing varies widely from dispensary to dispensary, that alone is worth checking out what’s out there!

As an extra bonus, most dispensaries give new members free gifts or discounts on their first visit. Likewise, if you love your dispensary, why not bring in a friend? You’ll both get referral gifts!