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4 Smokeless Ways to Consume Cannabis

4 Smokeless Ways to Consume Cannabis

Smoking has long been the most common way to consume cannabis, but with the proliferation of high quality edibles and concentrates, people are experiencing new ways to medicate. Whether it’s for health reasons or just personal preference, smokeless, odorless ways of consuming cannabis are steadily gaining popularity.


Edibles are the perfect way to consume cannabis discretely. Cannabis-infused edible products come in every type you can think of, from chocolates and candy to soda and tea. Dosing varies by product, so always be sure to read packaging and start with half of the recommended dose if you’re new or sensitive to cannabis. Edibles take much longer than inhaled or oral products to take effect, so wait at least one hour before increasing your dose to achieve the desired effect.


Tinctures are liquids that are placed inside the mouth, under the tongue or against the cheek. Tinctures are absorbed very quickly and can offer fast relief for medical patients. You can also place tincture drops in beverages. Be sure to begin with the recommended dose or less and wait an appropriate amount of time before increasing your dose.


Cannabis topicals are a fantastic choice for people looking for relief of physical symptoms like muscle aches, joint pain, skin conditions and injuries. Topicals do not provide any psychoactive effects. Cannabis has many medicinal properties; it’s an anti-inflammatory, painkiller and promotes healing. You can find cannabis-infused sports rubs, lotions, sunscreen, lip balm, bath bombs and more at many dispensaries.

Vape Pens

Vape pens offer the ultimate in portability and strain options. They give you the pleasure of smoking but without the odor and second-hand smoke. You can purchase CBD- or THC-rich strains, depending on your desires. Best of all, whenever you want to change it up, just screw on a new cartridge. Vape pens are affordable, rechargeable and discreet.