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4 Little Resolutions to Get the Most Out of Cannabis

4 Little Resolutions to Get the Most Out of Cannabis

Now is the time for New Year’s resolutions, so why not make a few that can help improve your relationship with cannabis? Now, we know you probably think you and cannabis get along just fine; you love it, it loves you. But what if we told you that these four little changes could take your relationship to new heights? We guarantee if you implement these cannabis resolutions, you’ll get a better experience! Now repeat after me…

I resolve to learn about cannabinoids and terpenes.

When you ask someone what their favorite strains are, fifty percent or more will likely say, “I like cannabis that gets me high.” That’s like saying I like food that gets me full. We all know there’s more to food than that. Our personal preferences dictate which foods we find deeply satisfying, the kind that makes you want to close your eyes and revel in the moment when you eat it. For some it’s savory dishes and comfort food; for others, it’s sweets and chocolate. Cannabis follows the same principals believe it or not, since both food and cannabis affect the receptors in our brains. Learning how cannabinoids work as well as what terpenes are and how to identify them will allow you to determine what works best for you. This translates into both a better cannabis experience (better high, more pain relief, etc..) as well as financial savings when you start purchasing only strains that work best for your brain chemistry.

I resolve to pay attention to what strains work best for me.

Learning about cannabinoids and terpenes may be interesting in and of itself, but applying that knowledge is really where the payoff is. You know when a cannabis strain is truly compatible with your personal needs. It’s that moment when you realize that you feel great, really great. Not just high, not just good, but like you wish you could feel like this all the time great. That’s when you need to take a moment and write that strain down. Later you can research it to find out more about its terpenes and cannabinoid percentages then use that knowledge to build a profile to look for when shopping for new strains. 

I resolve to store my cannabis properly.

store your cannabis

Yes, it’s easy to keep cannabis in the bag that it came in but many of those bags are plastic which wreaks havoc on delicate terpenes and cannabinoids. The best place to store your cannabis is in an airtight glass jar, preferably one that just fits the amount of cannabis you regularly purchase to reduce the amount of extra air space. Don’t leave your cannabis out and always store in a dark, cool, place. Leaving cannabis exposed to air dries it out and rapidly depletes potency. Heat and sunlight are also two enemies of potency.

I resolve to keep my gear clean.

New Year Resolutions

Cannabis is about much more than just getting high. True cannabis lovers savor the taste and aroma of each new strain. Nothing can interfere with the pure, delicious flavor of cannabis than acrid burnt residue and gummed up glassware. Unless you strictly enjoy edibles or sublingual cannabis, you probably use some form of combustion, from vaping to smoking a bowl. The debris left over from burned (or highly toasted) cannabis collects over time and ultimately creates a bitterness you can taste with every draw. A quick clean of your gear with some ISO alcohol will remove sticky gunk and allow you to relish in the clean flavor of quality cannabis.

Just apply these four little steps and you’ll be enjoying your cannabis more than ever!

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