4 Highly Potent THC-Rich Strains to Kick Off the Weekend

4 Highly Potent THC-Rich Strains to Kick Off the Weekend
August 25, 2018 Noa

If you’re looking for some highly potent, high THC strains to enjoy this weekend, look no further. Topping out at more than 30 percent, these four strains are absolutely packed with cannabinoids and delicious terpenes and are sure to leave walking on clouds all weekend long. Whether you’re a long-time user with a high tolerance or just looking for a little something extra, each of these delicious cannabis strains offer amplified effects in mind and body. Beginners, beware! You’ve been warned!

The Village Garlic Cookies

THC-rich strains are generally considered to be over 20% THC, but this incredible hybrid strain tests at a whopping 31.09%! If you’re looking for intense medical relief or just enjoy a mind-numbing, euphoric stupor, this strain is for you! Uniquely flavored with lemon, garlic and mint, Garlic Cookies is deliciously powerful! Highly Potent

Up North Farms' Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a peppy sativa strain that will leave your mind racing with inspired and creative thoughts. This strain tests at a tremendous 31.07% THC and is not recommended for those who get anxious on sativa strains. But, if you’re looking for a highly energetic strain for creating or socializing, this is it! You’ll feel energized, talkative and ready to take on the world! Highly Potent

Northern Emeralds Durban Poison
The Village Banana Punch

Banana Punch

This sweetly, delicious hybrid is a cross of Banana OG X Purple Punch and may be the best tasting strain you’ve tried! Ripe tropical fruit and banana flavors mingle with a cool hint of pine and Banana Punch tests at 29.17% THC.! Enjoy a languid, relaxing, euphoric high. It’s a potent creeper strain, so use caution!

Greenshock's Outdoor Sour Apples

A sweet, mild-bodied smoke with a cool exhale, this Sour Apples has a hefty 26.55% THC. With its mood-lifting mental euphoria and full-body buzz, it’s a great strain for erasing stress and depression without sedation. Stay focused and on task while enjoying a positive outlook and creative inspiration.