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4 Facts About Cannabis Indica

4 Facts About Cannabis Indica

When it comes to recreational and medical cannabis, there are two main types; Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. By crossing varieties of these two types, cultivators have developed hundreds of hybrid strains, all of which have their own unique attributes.

Pure Cannabis indica is known for its relaxing properties, ability to induce sleep and to reduce physical discomfort. Here are some other facts about Cannabis indica that you may not know!

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Indica plants look much different than sativa plants. Indica plants are shorter, bushier and have thick, wide leaves. Their small size and shorter flowering period make them ideal for indoor growing. Sativa plants have long, thin leaves and grow much taller making them better for outdoor gardens.

Indica affects the body more than the mind. Indica strains are higher in the cannabinoid CBD, a common compound that provides tremendous medical benefits without any mental or psychoactive effects. CBD directly counteracts THC, the cannabinoid that gets you high. So, the higher the CBD, the more physical effects you’ll experience, such as pain relief, sedation, reduction of inflammation and of anxiety and the less mental effects you’ll feel, like euphoria.

Indica plants are highly resinous. Many hash makers choose indica plants for the high resin content.

Not every indica dominant strain will be sedative and relaxing. While many indica strains do cause these effects in the majority of users, a strain’s effects greatly depend on its entire composition of cannabinoids and terpenes and how they work within your unique body chemistry. So, don’t be surprised if you come across a strain marked “indica” that doesn’t make you sleepy or offer enough pain relief. Not all indica strains are relaxing and not all sativa strains are uplifting!