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4 Easy Ways to Get Involved in the Cannabis Community

4 Easy Ways to Get Involved in the Cannabis Community

4 Easy Ways to Get Involved in the Cannabis Community

If you’re a proponent for cannabis and cannabis enthusiast, few things can be as rewarding as joining a community that shares your passion. Whether you’re new to an area and looking to connect with new friends or you want to help make positive changes to cannabis legislation (think lower taxes and fees), here are four simple ways to get to know your local cannabis community.

Newsletter and Email Lists:

Be sure to join your local dispensary’s email and newsletter lists. In addition to getting information on specials and new products, it’s likely that they will keep you informed of local social events and important legislation meetings. Far from spam, this can be one of your best local resources.

Local Government Meetings:

One of the most important things you can do as a cannabis lover is to voice your support to your local and regional officials. Each email, phone call and meeting appearance is tracked and recorded; these minor actions can actually make a huge impact. Attending your local government meetings on cannabis is a great place to meet other people with civic passion.

Social Media:

This should be an obvious place to start. You can connect with cannabis lovers around the globe on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or on cannabis-focused social networking sites like WeedLife or Duby. If you’d like to meet people in person, try arranging a 420-friendly MeetUp event.

Festivals and Cup Events:

If meeting people in person is more your speed, you’ll find great cannabis and great people at local festivals, tradeshows and cup events. It costs a little more to attend but you can grab some great swag and make all kinds of connections, personal and professional.