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4 Easy DIY Cannabis Gifts to Make When You’re Almost Out of Time and Money

4 Easy DIY Cannabis Gifts to Make When You’re Almost Out of Time and Money

4 Easy DIY Cannabis Gifts to Make When You’re Almost Out of Time and Money

It’s easy to get burned out on the commercialism of the holidays. All the gift purchases, expected and unexpected, can really add up! But if you’re even a little bit crafty, you can head down to your local craft store to pick up the materials to make these simple DIY gifts for the stoners on your list. You might even have some of them on hand!

Handmade gifts make the best presents. They can be affordable to make, personalized for everyone on your list and will remind them of your thoughtfulness and talent every time they use it. It’s not the cost of the gift, it’s the thought behind it. So, go ahead and show your crafty side with these easy to make cannabis gifts:

Decorated Lighters

You know stoners, they’re always in need of a lighter! Multi-packs of lighters can be purchased nearly anywhere; add glue and decorations like crystals, beads, fake pearls, or glitter to create beautiful looking and practical gifts!

Decoupage Mason Jars

Mason jars are the ideal storage system for cannabis and come in a variety of sizes and colors. You can find them in supermarkets and hardware stores. Decorate the outside of the jar with colored tissue paper, wrapping paper scraps, fabric cutouts, whatever pretty materials you have on hand. If decorating the interior of the jar, make sure not to use paint or other products that can flake off into cannabis.

Check out this article from Mod Podge on 18 Unique Ways to Decoupage a Mason Jar. This article includes the prep work required to get you started!

Roach Clips

A trip to the bead store is all you need to start making creative and beautiful roach clips for all your pot smoking friends! Never lose your roach clip when you attach it to your keychain with this useful design. Learn how to make a wand roach clip with this simple tutorial from the Chronic Crafter:

Hand Painted Stash Box

Your local craft store has an assortment of unpainted wooden boxes in all shapes and sizes just waiting for your creative ideas! Every stoner needs a cool stash box to keep all their cannabis goodies in. Grab a box, brushes and some paints for a practical and personal gift they’ll treasure forever.

Check out this cool tutorial on how to paint a galaxy with acrylic paint for a space-themed stash!

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