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4 DIY Cannabis Crafts for Thrifty Gifters

4 DIY Cannabis Crafts for Thrifty Gifters

4 DIY Cannabis Crafts for Thrifty Gifters

The 2019 holiday season is almost upon us, retail-speaking. Christmas displays are already popping up in stores and soon the overhead speakers will be pouring out holiday music, all encouraging you to buy, buy, buy! Did you know that one of the top causes of holiday stress is financial?

If you’re from an average American family, you probably feel pressure to purchase gifts for everyone, from nieces and nephews to third cousins and great aunts. Add to this the expectation of holiday tipping for the all the service people in your life, plus a slew of stocking stuffers and hostess gifts, and your office white elephant party. Whew! No wonder people get so stressed out!

Give yourself a break this season and get crafty. You can make some great cannabis gifts that are not only affordable but have the extra sweetness of being homemade! If crafting is your thing, here are some of our top picks for DIY cannabis crafts for gift-givers on a budget:

Custom Lighter – Do you know what stoners always need? Lighters! This craft is crazy simple and downright budget-friendly. All you need are some lighters (buy in bulk from Amazon or a warehouse store), glue (Superglue or a hot glue gun will work fine) and some flat-backed décor to glue in place. You can pick up all types of cabochons or other decorative items at any craft or bead store. Create a personalized set of 3 for each friend or create one as a part of a larger cannabis themed gift!

Check out The Chronic Crafter’s blog How to Decorate Your Lighter for inspiration and step-by-step instructions. Or check out these Glitter Lighters from This is Why I’m Broke.

Cannabis Bath Salts

This one is little more labor intensive and weighs heavier on the wallet, but cannabis bath salts are a great gift for anyone who suffers aches and pains and enjoys baths. You can purchase pre-made bath salts, but they aren’t cheap. The addition of cannabis oil creates a therapeutic, inflammation reducing soak great for relaxation and minor pain relief. Divide up a batch and store in small, decorative glass jars for holiday giving.

Royal Queen Seeds’ Cannabis Bath Salts Recipe

Cannabis-Infused Lotion Bars

The very idea of a lotion bar seems decadent and expensive. Your friends and family will love these rich, moisturizing bars infused with cannabis oil. Great for dry skin and minor skin conditions! They’re all natural and can be infused with the essential oils of your choice. Customize a thrifty design and scent for each person on your list!

KQED’s Homemade Cannabis-Infused Lotion Bars

Painted Stash Jars

Mason jars are great for storing cannabis and come in a variety of sizes. You can purchase them from your local hardware or thrifty homewares store that sells canning supplies. Most mason jars are clear which makes them easy to paint and decorate. All you really need is some acrylic paint and your imagination to whip up fun airtight stash jars for all your friends.

For some painting inspiration, here’s how to decorate in a stoner-friendly Moroccan style. For a stash jar, simply don’t paint the thread and affix a painted lid. DIY Moroccan Mason Jar Lantern by Grosgrain

Or check out these whimsical designs perfect for separating your strains. Kawaii Inspired DIY Mason Jar Pen and Pencil Holders.

Not crafty? Out of time? Stop by any Natural Cannabis Company location for some great cannabis gifts! From our soothing massage balm to our Space Brothers clothing line (available at OrganiCann only) and High Art prints, we’ve got something for everyone on your list. Don’t forget we have flowers, extracts, edibles and clones!