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4 Cannabis Jam Recipes to Brighten Your Morning

4 Cannabis Jam Recipes to Brighten Your Morning

4 Cannabis Jam Recipes to Brighten Your Morning

When you’ve got the right strain on hand, a little cannabis in the morning is just the thing a body needs to start the day out right. One of the beautiful things about cooking with cannabis is that you’re in charge of which strains you use. This takes the guesswork out of purchasing edibles labeled simply “hybrid,” plus you can customize recipes to suit special dietary needs. For those who enjoy a little toast with their coffee or tea, cannabis-infused jam makes a sweet addition on days when you can afford to indulge.

Grab your favorite fruits, honey and your favorite cannabis strains for some simple homemade jam-making. You’ll need to start with some canna-honey.

Here’s a recipe for both canna-honey and jam from Royal Queen Seeds. Make the jam with any fruit you wish!

If you need a little more direction, try this Strawberry Canna-Jam recipe from Eat Your Cannabis.

Things get a little fancier with this Faux Fig Jam from with the addition of fresh figs and Jello. The name really ought to be Fig Faux Jam, but let’s not be nitpicky.

What can you do with all that jam you’ve created? Make this incredible brunch-worthy stuffed French toast recipe! Skip the cannabis butter and just swap out the regular jam for your homemade canna-jam.

Cannabis-Infused Stuffed French Toast –

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