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4 Cannabis-Infused Edibles for Chocolate Lovers

4 Cannabis-Infused Edibles for Chocolate Lovers

While you’re counting down the days to February 15th, also known as “International Half-Price Chocolate Day,” why not treat yourself to the kind of chocolate you can’t get at the supermarket? We have a wide selection of incredible edibles that will satisfy your every craving. Here are four infused products that are potent as well as delicious!

Java Janes

Java Janes Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans ($15): What could be better than espresso beans covered in rich, cannabis-infused artisanal chocolate? Each tin of 12 contains a mixture of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered espresso beans that will make you BUZZ with delight!

The BarThe Bar ($10): The Bar cannabis-infused chocolate by The Hemp Company is a delicious way to enjoy your cannabis. The Hemp Company uses sustainably sourced chocolate and solvent-free cannabis distillate to create their delicious chocolate bars. Expect mild relaxation and euphoria perfect for daytime and social use.

Also available in milk and white chocolate!

Rocky Road Crispy TreatRocky Road Crispy Treat ($14): This decadent, cannabis-infused rice crispy treat is layered with chunks of decadent marshmallow and fudge. It’s topped with a smooth layer of delicious chocolate, making it a rich treat that can satisfy any sweet-tooth!

trufflettesTrufflettes ($10): These delectable min truffles are make from solvent-free, premium cannabis extract and contain premium chocolate ganache. Artisanal, locally-made chocolate made with extra cocoa butter covers a silky ganache filling that will surprise and delight you.