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4 Cannabis Etiquette Tips for New Users

4 Cannabis Etiquette Tips for New Users

4 Cannabis Etiquette Tips for New Users

Cannabis is a hot topic in nearly every state and this sudden spotlight has turned on a slew of new people to the benefits of cannabis. Between the positive news stories of people and families who have found success in treating a variety of health conditions with this miraculous plant and recent legalization in many states, the taboo about using cannabis is breaking down. It’s hard to perpetuate outdated stereotypes when so many vibrant, creative and successful people are singing the praises of cannabis!

With so many new people using cannabis, etiquette has suddenly become important. You wouldn’t want to make a faux pas amid a group of influential pot smokers, would you? How embarrassing! How important is weed etiquette? So important that Emily Post’s great- granddaughter wrote a book on it. Seriously.

What etiquette tips should you be following?

Puff, Puff, Pass aka Don’t Bogart that Joint, Man

A time-honored rule among cannabis enthusiasts is to politely take a hit or two from a pipe or joint and then pass it to your neighbor. Hitting more than your fair share or holding onto a joint and letting it burn while you gab won’t be appreciated. No one likes a weed waster.

Don’t Be a Mooch

Lots of people enjoy sharing their cannabis with others, but no one likes the person who never contributes. Even if you have a really generous friend, show up with your own cannabis to share occasionally, or at the very least lots of snacks.

Don’t Out People on Social Media

You may be comfortable sharing your newfound love of cannabis with the world, but not everyone may be. Always ask permission before tagging someone or sharing photos of a cannabis event. You never know whose family or employer could be uncool about cannabis. Just be respectful of people’s privacy and they’ll thank you!

Be Generous and Honor Generosity

Stefan Jevremovic- "Share the Love"- Top 35 High Art 2016
Stefan Jevremovic- “Share the Love”- Top 35 High Art 2016

The cannabis community is a generous one. That’s not only evident in the abundance of weed sharing that goes on, but in the fundraisers and community support they lend each other when tough circumstances arrive. Not sharing when you have cannabis is considered quite rude. If you light a joint or spark a bowl, ask the others around if they’d like to partake. It’s that easy! Likewise, if someone offers you cannabis, it’s a nice gesture to accept it even if it’s not your favorite strain. If it’s not your thing, cannabis makes an excellent re-gift.

Cannabis also makes an excellent host gift if you know the host enjoys that type of thing. Bring enough for the party to enjoy or just something for the host to enjoy with their partner or housemates after the event. Unlike traditional flowers, the host won’t need to stop what he or she is doing to find a vase, cut the stems and arrange them. Don’t bring more work, bring good times!

Do you have any more cannabis etiquette tips to share with noobs? Let us know in the comments section!

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