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35 of the Most Common Cannabis Slang Terms

35 of the Most Common Cannabis Slang Terms

35 of the Most Common Cannabis Slang Terms

We’re pretty sure cannabis slang has been around since cannabis was discovered. Slang is just a part of how language develops, whether it’s cannabis, alcohol, sex, whatever. During periods where cannabis was illegal and had a bad rap with the public, cannabis slang was also a code to communicate on the DL with other tokers. Cannabis slang is still in use today, much of it still rooted in its counterculture beginnings. While it will always differ between regions and groups of people, a group of rock climbers in Colorado are likely to use different slang terms than a group of artists in Southern California, or mechanics in Florida or what have you, there are still some terms that are widely known across the US and in the UK. Here are a few:

Bhang –an Indian term for a prepared cannabis drink often used during Hindu festivals.

Blunt – cannabis inside a split cigar.

Bogart a Joint – failure to adhere to the rules of puff, puff, pass, this refers to a person not adequately sharing a rolled cannabis cigarette.

Bong – a water-pipe used to smoke cannabis.

Bud, Green Bud – cannabis flowers.

Burn One – “Let’s go burn one.” Let’s go smoke a joint or bowl of cannabis.

Cheeba – cannabis.

Chronic – cannabis.

Colas – the flowers of the cannabis plant, buds.

Dirt Grass, Dirt Weed, Ditch Weed – poor quality cannabis.

Doobie – a joint

Fatty – “Roll up a fatty.” Roll a large cannabis cigarette.

Flowers – dried cannabis, the flowering parts of the cannabis plant.

Ganja – cannabis.

Grass – cannabis.

Herb – cannabis.

Homegrown – cannabis.

Joint, Jay – cannabis cigarette.

Kind – cannabis.

Leaf – cannabis.

Marijuana – cannabis.

MJ, Mary Jane – cannabis.

Mota – cannabis.

Pot – cannabis.

Reefer – cannabis.

Roach – the burnt end of a cannabis cigarette.

Sinsemella – literally “without seeds,” refers to high-quality cannabis.

Shake – loose dried cannabis, not hard-packed buds/flowers.

Skunk – aromatic cannabis, sometimes a specific strain.

Spliff – cannabis cigarette.

Toke, Toker – To smoke cannabis, a smoker of cannabis.

Weed – cannabis.

What did we miss? Let us know your favorite cannabis slang terms in the comments below!