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3 Steps to Using Cannabis Medicinally

3 Steps to Using Cannabis Medicinally

With cannabis in the health news so frequently these days, many people are considering using cannabis to help them reduce or eliminate the need for costly, dangerous prescription drugs. Cannabis has been found as or more effective than some prescription medications for conditions like epilepsy, pain control, appetite stimulation, nerve conditions, cancer and more. Whether you’ve never used cannabis before or have been a casual recreational user, there are some steps to take when you’re finally ready to get serious about using cannabis for health.

  1. Research effective strains. First and foremost, you need to know that every strain of cannabis is unique in terms of its genetic composition. Also, while strain research can tell you what the average user experiences, actual effects are highly dependent on your own personal body chemistry. When beginning to use cannabis medicinally, a good place to start is in forums where people who share your condition are discussing which strains have worked for them.

  2. Know your science. You don’t need to start taking biology courses, but you should have a basic understanding of the key terms in cannabis science. The three main areas to review are the cannabinoid/endocannabinoid systems, terpenes and the Entourage Effect. Terpenes are especially important to effective treatment and each has medicinal properties of their own. Knowing how they work with cannabinoids will help you in choosing effective strains.

  3. Keep track. Once you’ve narrowed your shopping list down to strains that are recommended by others who’ve had success with treatment and contain the correct terpenes for your condition, keep track of what you buy and what works. Even if you skip the above steps, keeping notes on which strains you’ve enjoyed the most (and liked the least) will not only save you money but give you valuable insight into what genetic make-up works for you. By researching the strains that feel best for you, you can find out which terpenes and other compounds it contains and looks for similar strains.

Of course, if you have a serious health condition be sure to speak with your doctor about using cannabis for treatment and always be honest about your use with your medical providers.