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3 Relaxing Indica Hybrid Strains to Try Right Now

3 Relaxing Indica Hybrid Strains to Try Right Now

3 Relaxing Indica Hybrid Strains to Try Right Now

With the acceptance of cannabis more widespread than back in the day, consumers have a wealth of new information to help them decide which cannabis to buy. Instead of being at the mercy of whatever your source of cannabis had on hand, shoppers can browse large inventories of strains; indica, sativa and an ever-expanding range of hybrids.

Indica strains are an excellent choice for those seeking deep relaxation, physical pain relief and help with insomnia. Although not all indica strains are identical, naturally, and there are exceptions to the rule, these characteristics generally hold true when speaking of pure indica and many indica-dominant hybrids. Indica is also known to stimulate the appetite, making it a good choice for seniors, medical patients, and those who need more calories. Hybrids offer more balance and may offset the need for snacks!

Recreationally, indica strains are the perfect way to cap off your day. When you’re ready to hit the couch, unwind, forget about all the worries of the day, that’s when you can really enjoy what these cannabis strains have to offer. They are not good for wake-and-bake situations unless you have nothing to do for the rest of the day. They are typically quite sedative, especially in high doses. In smaller doses, you’ll feel carefree, relaxed and free from tension in the body.

Indica hybrids are a more balanced way to enjoy the relaxing benefits of indica and may be suitable for daytime use. With the addition of sativa genes, the effects are more varied. You may experience more cerebral effects, decreased appetite, flourishing creativity, etc… They are some of our favorite strains and we think you’ll like them too!

Here are our recommendations for indica hybrid strains to try today:

Castle Rock Ridge’s Asphalt OG

CastleRock Asphalt OG

THC: 17.85% | CBD: .03% $10.00 – $30.00

This strain’s effects are thoroughly relaxing and a great option for full-body pain relief. A short onset of effects makes it a perfect evening strain for those looking to unwind and be utterly carefree. Grown in the Sonoma Valley.

Lost Paradise Organics’ Gelato Cake

THC: 18.36% | CBD: 0.07% $10.00 – $30.00

This strain is a relaxing mid-afternoon hybrid. Its effects can leave you with bouts of laughter and you may feel a bit like a social butterfly. Its physical effects erase pain and tension, leaving only a tingling numbness behind.

Sticky Inc’s Light Dep. Lava Dosi

Sticky Lava Dosi

THC: 18.59% | CBD: 0.08% $10.00

This strain is a treasure. You will feel heavy and sluggish when consuming this strain. Watch out, it’s a creeper! Expect a couch-locked sensation that aids in the release of tight joints and stiff muscles. The cherry on top of this deliciously sedating strain is the mentally alert and creative mindset that settles in allowing deep thoughts and pure joy.