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3 Reasons Why We Love Outdoor Cannabis

3 Reasons Why We Love Outdoor Cannabis

3 Reasons Why We Love Outdoor Cannabis

Outdoor cannabis can sometimes get a bad rap, especially with people who haven’t had good experiences with sun-grown cannabis in the past. Done poorly, outdoor cannabis can be terrible; grassy, bad-tasting and barely able to get you high. But that’s true of any cannabis that isn’t cultivated and cured properly. The quality of a cannabis strain has more to do with genetics and proper care than whether it was grown indoor or outside.

There are pros and cons to growing indoor and outdoor cannabis, but these apply to the cultivators, not the consumer. In this time of advanced natural farming techniques, improved genetics and legalized cultivation, truly the only disadvantage of growing cannabis outdoors is you’re at the mercy of the weather. With extreme weather events on the rise, things could be getting tougher for outdoor farmers, but gone are the days when OD cannabis was considered harsh, weak and flavorless. Trust us, sun-grown cannabis can get as dank as any indoor or greenhouse flowers!

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Here’s reasons why we love outdoor cannabis so much:

  1. It’s aromatic and flavorful. While indoor/greenhouse growing enjoys a strictly controlled environment, outdoor cannabis takes on the wild and wonderful properties of its region’s unique terroir. Terroir, a word used to describe all the environmental factors that affect a plant’s development, is responsible for each plant’s exclusive profile of terpenoids and cannabinoids. The results when grown under expert care are beautifully pungent flowers.
  2. It’s crazy potent. No matter what you were led to believe, outdoor cannabis can be just as potent as indoor. Cannabis thrives in outdoor conditions when the environment is favorable, and they’re exposed to full sunlight for maximum growth. Powered by the sun, these plants can develop large, healthy colas, while absorbing benefits from the wind, rain and harmonious plants, trees and animals. Some people believe there’s so substitution for the sun’s natural light spectrum, they won’t buy anything else!
  3. It’s better for the environment. While there are rogue growers out there who don’t care about environmental impact, they’re few and far between. Most small cannabis cultivators care deeply about using natural and sustainable farming techniques, especially outdoor cultivators who rely heavily on the purity of their surroundings for growing quality cannabis. Outdoor farmers naturally use less electricity with no need for elaborate lights and fans. One study estimated that indoor cannabis grows were responsible for using as much power as two million average homes.

If it’s been a while since you last tried outdoor cannabis, we urge you to give it another try. Our shelves are loaded with top shelf, expertly cultivated, sun-grown cannabis in a variety of strains. We always have indica, sativa and hybrid strains available! Best of all, many of our outdoor strains are grown by small farmers throughout Northern California. Pick up unique flowers from regions like Sonoma Valley, Mendocino, Trinity, Lake County and more!