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3 Misconceptions About Getting a Job in the Cannabis Industry

3 Misconceptions About Getting a Job in the Cannabis Industry

3 Misconceptions About Getting a Job in the Cannabis Industry

With a major expansion of recreational cannabis markets in states across the U.S., there has been a huge boom in cannabis jobs to accompany it. In addition to an increase in cannabis farms and dispensaries, there are plenty of other micro-industries supported by cannabis, think edible companies, topicals, body care, personal care, vape pens, extraction facilities, packaging, advertising, legal, security and others. These businesses are always on the lookout for quality talent to fill positions in departments like human resources, operations, maintenance, security, marketing, accounting, compliance, quality assurance and company leadership roles. Let’s not forget about the science jobs either. You could be a lab tester, environmental scientist, geneticist, soil scientist, or water resource manager among other things. There are truly no limits to the cannabis-related jobs available today and looking to the future.

Regardless of what type of cannabis job you’re looking for, don’t fall victim to some common misconceptions about the industry that could cost you a great employment opportunity!

I Don’t Need to Research Before My Interview

This is a common misconception in people who believe that their general knowledge about or love for cannabis will be enough to get them through a successful job interview. Anecdotes about weed usage won’t get you anywhere nor your years of experience smoking “dank shit.” Like in any industry, cannabis job interviews are professional and serious business. While your interviewers may be friendly and seem laid-back, that doesn’t mean they take their jobs or business less seriously. You’ll need to show a thorough understanding of the cannabis industry and their business plus master the appropriate language to impress anyone. Don’t skip this important step when you land a coveted interview! And always, always call it cannabis.

I’m Qualified Because I Smoke a Lot of Cannabis

Let’s get one thing clear, you don’t need to use cannabis to be successful in the cannabis industry. Cannabis use isn’t a precursor to success; there are many successful professionals and business owners in the industry who don’t use any cannabis. Instead, they become deeply knowledgeable and stay up to date on current trends and cannabis news. You don’t need to use a project to be able to create, market and sell it. Does it sometimes help? Of course, but don’t think not partaking in cannabis eliminates your chance at working in the industry.  What employers are truly looking for is someone eager to learn, takes ownership and follows through on projects. Combine that with a passion for learning about cannabis and you’re an employer’s dream candidate!

Cannabis Industry = Chill Environment Where I Can Smoke All Day

If you’re expecting to get regular “smoke breaks” at your new cannabis job, you’ll be sorely disappointed. While many employees may enjoy cannabis during their off hours, at work they’re strictly business and you should be too. The cannabis industry is a fast-paced business that requires a lot dedication and attention to detail. Employees who think they can spend the day getting high and slacking off will quickly find themselves with a severance check. You can expect to work with committed professionals who work hard to meet the demands of this exploding and complicated industry!

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be successful in the cannabis industry? We’d love to hear from you! Check out our careers page for openings at all our Natural Cannabis Company locations; Hopland, Santa Rosa and Oakland, California.