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3 Forgiving Cannabis Strains Perfect for Novice Growers

Although the moniker “weed” may give the impression that cannabis heartily grows everywhere, plants that produce the best cannabis are more fickle. They require a significant amount of attention and nurturing, as well as constant vigilance to identify and correct problems like disease, pests and root issues. Some of the best strains for novice growers develop quickly, are hearty/resistant, and can weather common complications. If you’re looking for easy-to-grow strains for your first time, check out the three below!

Northern Lights 

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A classic Indica strain for new growers, Northern Lights develops into hearty, potent plants. This strain tends to recover quickly from common problems like overwatering, excessive heat and light damage. The plants tend to stay short and produce less aroma than other strains which can be good for backyard gardens. This strain is also resistant to mold and disease.

White Widow 

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A hugely popular hybrid strain, White Widow is known for its balance of uplifting head high and relaxing effects. It’s a good choice for outdoor gardens as it can handle temperature and weather fluctuations better than some. White Widow is also resistant to disease, a pitfall that can ambush new growers. Plants are medium in size but produce a high yield of potent, sticky buds.

Green Crack 


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This sativa is a moderately easy-to-grow strain. Producing tall plants with high, aromatic yields, Green Crack is most suitable for climates and grow spaces with low humidity as it can be susceptible to powdery mildew. It received its name from the often racy, energetic and euphoric high it provides. Given enough space, its roots and branches will spread, enhancing its production. Be forewarned that Green Crack has a very strong smell making it a poor choice for stealth situations.