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3 Easy Ways to Get More Active in 2020 Without Setting Foot in the Gym

3 Easy Ways to Get More Active in 2020 Without Setting Foot in the Gym

3 Easy Ways to Get More Active in 2020 Without Setting Foot in the Gym

Improved fitness falls in the top 3 resolutions people make at the beginning of a new year. Even a small boost in activity and fitness levels can have a major impact on your health. Being sedentary is linked to obesity, poor cardiac health and early death and it’s estimated that only 21% of people regularly meet suggested physical activity guidelines.

While some people live for 6am spin sessions and Pilates classes at the gym, others would do anything to avoid it. There are many alternative ways to workout without a gym membership or dull exercise videos. And, since we know beginning any new physical activity can be rough, we’ve also included some of our best cannabis-infused and CBD products to lower aches and pains and reduce inflammation during and after your workout.

Get Dancing: You can dance at home, in the yard or take classes at your local community center or college. Your local region probably has private groups for swing dance, African dance, ballroom, square dancing and more. Dancing is an all-over workout. It’s great for heart and lung health, plus tones muscle, builds strength and strengthens balance. All you really need is music, but you can also learn new moves from online dance tutorials or even dance video games. If you’re the social type, dance classes and groups are a great way to make new friends for the new year.

Find a Reason to Walk: Every fitness article mentions walking more, but let’s face it, just walking for walking’s sake can be boring. Instead find an activity that you enjoy that just happens to include walking. If you like manicured greenery, take golf lessons. If you prefer parks, take up nature photography. For a mix of rural and urban locations, try geocaching. Take local walking tours. Pick up a guidebook and visit all your local historic monuments. Nature painting, forest bathing, Nordic walking, there are plenty of different walking activities that are free or low cost. Walking, especially in nature, helps cognitive function, coordination, balance, and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.

Get into Yoga: You can do yoga in the comfort of your own home, at the office or just about anywhere. There are plenty of videos, books, and websites that can demonstrate different poses. There’s even yoga dice you can roll to lead you through a series of poses. Practicing yoga has many benefits, from increased flexibility and tone to balancing your metabolism and improved circulatory health. Building 5-10 minutes of yoga breaks in throughout the day will make you feel taller, calmer and more balanced. Fit longer sessions in when you can. It feels so good to stretch everything out, you’ll find yourself wanting to do it more often. Bye-bye, tension headaches!

Why add cannabis to your new wellness routine?

  • Cannabis can relieve exercise-related aches and pains. Applied or taken before or after your workout cannabis will reduce the amount of pain you experience. This is especially beneficial for those getting back in shape after a break!
  • Cannabis may boost your metabolism. While cannabis users consume more calories that non-cannabis users on average, they also have higher carbohydrate metabolism and lower fasting insulin levels.
  • CBD can help you stay focused and makes repetitive tasks simpler. If you find yoga, walking or other exercises boring, CBD can put you “in the zone,” making getting through your workout easier.
  • CBD also reduces inflammation in the muscles, reducing after workout soreness.

Here are our recommendations for cannabis products for fitness:

Proof Tinctures and Capsules — $30-$40

Effortless and discrete to take, Proof tinctures and capsules are available in several CBD formulas. CBD is non-psychoactive and safe to take prior to being active.

Natural Cannabis Foot Rub — $32

Perfect for sore feet from all that dancing and walking, relieves pain, reduces inflammation and creates happy active feet.

Natural Cannabis Sports Rub — $52

The solution to sore muscles before and after a workout, just apply Natural Cannabis Sports Rub to joints and muscles for soothing relief.

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