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3 Delicious Edibles to Toss in Your Beach Bag

3 Delicious Edibles to Toss in Your Beach Bag

3 Delicious Edibles to Toss in Your Beach Bag

One of the beautiful things about summer in Northern California is that most people aren’t too far from a cool, refreshing body of water. Rivers, lakes and of course our rocky coastline all beckon when the temperatures hit 80s or so. Whether sunbathing and swimming is your thing or you prefer something a little more active, a little bit of cannabis can make sun, waves and sand so much better!

Here are three perfectly portable (and shareable) cannabis-infused edibles you can toss in your bag and enjoy throughout your day.

Altai Malt Balls ($20)

malt balls pips

At 10mg of THC per malt ball, these delicious little bites are perfect for sharing and easy to transport. Start with a single malt ball and easily increase your dose if needed.

Heavenly Sweet’s Ranch Crackers ($19)

Ranch Crackers

Prefer something savory over sweet? Try these crunchy, baked crackers coated with ranch seasoning. Each packet contains 10 standard doses of THC (100 mg total). Perfect for a medicated snack on their own or add your favorite toppers!

Korova Mini Cookies in Vanilla Bean ($15-$19) 

Korova Mini Cookies THC:CBD

Korova is known for its good-tasting infused cookies and these mini vanilla bean bites are no exception. Available in THC, CBD and THC/CBD varieties, each cookie contains 10mg THC (100 mg per bag).