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3 Cannabis Topicals Perfect for After Your Workout

3 Cannabis Topicals Perfect for After Your Workout

Cannabis is quickly becoming a popular after-workout supplement as it offers many benefits to athletes of all levels. Both a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, it can help relieve sore muscles, increase blood flow and reduce inflammation from rigorous activity.

Topicals are a great alternative to smoking, vaping or eating cannabis after a workout for several reasons. They’re very fast acting. While other methods must wait until the THC/CBD is absorbed into the body, topicals are applied to the skin offering immediate localized relief. They’re also convenient and can be used anywhere at any time.

The most effective cannabis topicals contain THC but because they’re absorbed through the skin, these products won’t get you high. Check out these three topical products that can help your body recover after exercise:

Golden Leaf Sports Rub – $15

golden leaf topical

Sweet and creamy, this sports rub both smells and feels good. It contains a variety of healing herbs like peppermint, clove, white camphor, frankincense and myrrh.

Native Humboldt Farms’ Bath Soak – $32

Native Humboldt Bath Soak

Sweet and refreshing with lavender and lemongrass, these cannabis-infused Epsom salts offer soothing relief for aching muscles and tired bodies.

Cosmic View Deep Down Athletic Formula – $32

deep down

This power-packed medicinal salve contains a variety of pain-relieving medicinal oils and herbs including arnica and comfrey. Cooling menthol and mint oils work with CBD and THCA to offer quick relief of injuries, arthritis and muscle ache.