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3 Cannabis Strains to Reduce Holiday Stress

3 Cannabis Strains to Reduce Holiday Stress

3 Cannabis Strains to Reduce Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a stressful time for many reasons. Financial stress, hosting, cooking, traveling, meals with relatives…it can all take a toll on our emotional and mental well-being. What better way to practice a little self-care than in the form of a stress-relieving, warm hug from your old friend cannabis? Award yourself a mini mental vacay with a few puffs on one of these great, stress-busting craft cannabis strains now in stock!

Little Hill Cultivators’ Gelato #33 ($10-$30)

SOG Gelato 45

This strain is a relaxing mid-afternoon hybrid. Its effects provide a euphoric mood boost and increases the desire to socialize. Gelato #33 is a good strain for introverts trying to get through long family meals. Enjoy the grounding aroma of fresh pines and earth in this smooth, mild smoke.

MendoGrown’s Light Mendogrown Super GlueDep. Super Glue ($10-$30)


This balanced hybrid offers a fragrant citrus aroma and tangy, sweet flavor which makes it a Northern California favorite. What starts as a cerebral uplift slowly spreads into a calm euphoria throughout the body. Eliminate irritation and feelings of annoyance with ease!

Pearl Pharma’s Sinmint Cookies ($15-$55)

If you’re spending Thanksgiving with your racist aunt Cookie or your family has a reality TV show dynamic, Sinmint Cookies is the strain you’re looking for. It’s potency and powerful effects will keep you calm and balanced in the face of madness. This strain clocks in at THC: 31.48% | THCa: 30.26%, novices be warned!

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