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3 Cannabis Infused Edibles Perfect for Microdosing

3 Cannabis Infused Edibles Perfect for Microdosing

3 Cannabis Infused Edibles Perfect for Microdosing

There are many ways to harness the health benefits of cannabis, and not all of them get you high. Using pure CBD products for example, will leave you feeling relaxed but won’t interfere with your mental processing as there are no psychoactive effects. Microdosing is another method that allows consumers to use cannabis without feeling medicated.

Microdosing is simply taking small doses of cannabis, just enough to experience therapeutic effects but not enough to “get high.” Typical microdose amounts range from 2mg THC up to 10mg. Because the effects of cannabis are highly personalized due to your unique body chemistry, effective doses vary by person.

Small doses of THC can be effective for minor pain relief, mood improvement, reduction in anxiety, improved sleep and relief from stress. Low dose edibles and tinctures are ideal for microdosing due to their accurate dosing.   

Whether you’re on a microdose regimen now or looking to start one, we have three perfect edible options to consider, each serving containing 2.5mg of THC:

Natural Cannabis Company’s Microstars–$5: Each pack contains 4 stars for a total of 10mg THC, available in many delicious flavors!

Natural Stars Micro Serving

Java Janes –$7: Premium espresso beans covered with velvety chocolate are always a treat! 

Java Janes Single Serve

Trufflettes –$7: Rich, artisanal chocolate and creamy truffle filling make our Trufflettes client favorites!

Trufflettes Single Serve

These tasty infused treats make great gifts and stocking stuffers! Just $5-$7, they’re beautiful, flavorful and effective. Try them all!