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23 Reasons to Love Cannabis

23 Reasons to Love Cannabis

Cannabis makes people happy. Smoking weed just makes you feel the love!

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It helps you sleep. A nice, strong indica before bedtime is better than any OTC sleep aid.

It’s a renewable resource. All you need is seeds, soil, sun and water!

It alleviates pain. Cannabis is a godsend for people with chronic pain.

It expands your mind. Cannabis can allow you to see things from a new perspective and consider otherwise overlooked solutions.

It boosts creativity. Need some help with creative problem-solving? Experiencing creative block? Unlock your potential with a few puffs.

It helps cancer patients. Cannabis eases nausea, helps pain and increases appetite allowing patients a higher quality of life during cancer treatments.

It helps little kids with epilepsy. CBD oil is helping hundreds of children by reducing or eliminating severe seizures.

It’s all natural. It’s not patented. It’s not created in a lab. You can grow it in your backyard.

It’s no-cal. You can’t say that about happy hour drinks! Non-fat, no calories – cannabis is a dieter’s dream. But stick with sativa strains or you may end up with the munchies!

It eases social anxiety. A few hits of cannabis can mean the difference between enjoying an event or cowering in the corner behind a potted plant trying to avoid other humans.

It’s a fun social activity. Sharing a pipe or a joint with friends, now that’s a good time!

It’s portable. You can take it nearly anywhere! No special equipment required.

It tastes good. High-quality cannabis will have a delicious flavor. Bad cannabis tastes like hay.

It smells better. Opening a bag of cannabis can be all the aromatherapy you need. Deep inhale!

You can have it your way. You can dab it, eat it, smoke it, vape it or rub it on your skin. There are many methods to use cannabis!

It eliminates stress. Smoke a bowl and you’ll forget to worry for a while.

No hangover. You will sleep really, really well and no gnarly hangover in the morning!

It eases cramps. Another good reason your partner should provide cannabis and chocolate during that time of the month.

It makes food taste better. It makes bad food tolerable and good food great. It makes great food mind-blowing. Cannabis is the best “seasoning.”

It makes everyday tasks more enjoyable. Cleaning your bathroom sucks, but cleaning your bathroom high sucks a little less. Put your favorite music on too and you might find your whole house is sparkling by the end of the day (or weed, whichever comes first).

It makes you contemplative. A little navel-gazing is good for you. Cannabis can help you contemplate the whys and hows of yourself, the universe and more.

It helps you appreciate the little things. A sunset, fresh cut grass, birdsong; cannabis can help you slow down and take notice of the little things that are all around. Finding joy in small things can increase your overall life satisfaction.