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2017 Best of Harvest – Skywalker OG by Budsmith

2017 Best of Harvest – Skywalker OG by Budsmith

Skywalker OG is an indica-dominant hybrid. This specific Best of Harvest phenotype, grown by small, local cultivator Budsmith, is grown at high elevation in the mountains of Mendocino County.

Skywalker OG

The aroma of Skywalker OG is earthy and spicy with rich coffee notes. Its flavor is earthy as well with a sour nuttiness that lingers. This strain contains 19.68% THC and .04% CBD.

Skywalker OG is a deeply relaxing strain, great for relieving stress and physical discomfort. It’s ideal for evening use and help treating insomnia. You’ll feel peaceful and worry-free…and hungry! This strain is known to produce a strong appetite, so have snacks on hand.

Summary: A relaxing indica hybrid, Skywalker OG provides a sense of euphoric peacefulness and relief from physical discomfort. Rich with notes of spice, coffee and earth, Skywalker OG is perfect for relaxing evenings at home, unwinding after a hard day and as a pre-bedtime enjoyment. 

Try the 2017 Skywalker OG in our Best of Harvest collections. Now available in the 28-gram sampler or 28-cone collection!

About Budsmith: Budsmith is an experienced producer of organic, chemical- and pesticide-free cannabis grown in the mountains of Mendocino at 3000′ elevation.