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2017 Best of Harvest – Banjo by Coastal Sun Cannabis

2017 Best of Harvest – Banjo by Coastal Sun Cannabis

Banjo is balanced sativa hybrid, a citrusy combination of Boost and Tangelo. Banjo combines sweet tangerine with cheese and notes of sweet pine. This beautiful phenotype cultivated by Coastal Sun Cannabis contains a hefty 23.72% THC and .07 CBD.

The sativa influence in Banjo is strong with a euphoric head buzz, bright visuals and stimulating energy. A natural mood-booster, Banjo immediately brightens your day. The happy energy of this strain makes it ideal for socializing, creative activities or when tackling household tasks. You’ll feel joyful, free from stress and depression.

Later a moderate relaxation will melt through your body, just perfect for settling into more sedate activities. The bright, fun energy mellows out in a perfect relaxation, perfect for small groups or relaxed events. The high THC content and potency of Banjo means even veteran cannabis users will enjoy the full effects of this wonderful strain.

Summary: A balanced sativa hybrid, Banjo provides a strong, euphoric head buzz paired with a relaxing body melt. Banjo is perfect for creative and social activities as well as tasks requiring energy but not focus. Not recommended for late evening use by those who have trouble sleeping.

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About Coastal Sun Cannabis: Coastal Sun Cannabis is founded on the belief that ecological farming is the only viable alternative to destructive conventional agricultural practices. With deep emphasis on organic cultivation methods that work with nature instead of against it, Coastal Sun embraces an entirely new approach to agriculture that “closes the loop” between inputs, waste, and production. Coastal Sun Cannabis is a certified EnvirOrganic producer.