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15 Active Things You Can Do High

15 Active Things You Can Do High

Smoking cannabis doesn’t have to lead to laziness. Some people love to get active when they enjoy cannabis. If you need some inspiration to break away from the television or computer, here are fifteen activities that nearly anyone can enjoy while high.

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Take a walk. It can be around your neighborhood, on a bike trail or a local park. Get outside and walk around. If you find just walking boring, use your phone to create a photo journal of your walk. Better yet, invite a friend and catch up while you get some exercise.

Exercise. Exercise can feel amazing thanks to cannabis. You’ll really be able to get into your workout playlist and focus on your form when you’re high. Try a sativa strain for an energy boost. Bonus, cannabis helps muscles heal and lessen soreness after workouts. Even if the gym isn’t your thing, try YouTube for yoga, cardio, stretching and pilates videos you can do at home.

Get wet. Being immersed in water is such a delightful feeling when your stoned. If you have access to a pool, go for a swim or sign up at your local YMCA. No pool? Rent a hot tub for an hour or two. Or, simply take a long, hot shower and lose yourself in lather, steam and soap. Don’t forget the music!

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Just dance. You can go out dancing or whip yourself into a dance-party frenzy in your living room. Put on your favorite music then sing and dance until you’re exhausted. Really rock out! Let those inhibitions go!

Do a sport. If you don’t already play a sport, maybe it’s time to pick one up. Some cities have adult leagues for softball, volleyball and soccer. Many parks have tennis, basketball and volleyball courts for public use. Get some friends together and learn a new sport. Try disc golf, regular golf, racquet ball, pickleball, bocce or billiards.

Rearrange a room. Change your environment with a little rearranging. Try a new configuration in the living room or bedroom according to feng shui. Switch some of the décor items from one room to another. Keep it fresh!

Gardening. You don’t need a big yard to enjoy gardening. There are wall pocket planters for a living wall look or windowsill gardens to enjoy. You can plant herbs, flowers or …herb. The feeling and smell of soil mixed with tending to plants can be both active and peaceful.

Jump on a trampoline. Not everyone has access to a trampoline, but if you do, use it to get even high-er!

Birdwatch. You can do this in your backyard or pretty much anywhere there are trees and bushes, plus you sit or walk, your choice. There are several digital bird guides to help you identify the birds you see. Many of these apps include birdsongs as well!

Be a tourist. Head down to your local Visitor’s Bureau to check out all the tourist attractions listed for your area. Spend the day as an out-of-towner, sightseeing and taking tacky tourist photos. Invent new identities for the day!

Geocaching. If you like puzzles and the outdoors, geocaching might be a hobby for you. There are millions of geocaches to find around the world. You can find free maps online to get started.

Visit the strangest local museum you can find. It’s been my experience that nearly every town has some strange, hidden museum that’s usually only discovered by accident. Maybe it’s rocks, or dolls, or salt and pepper shakers – find the oddest one in your area and plan a visit!

Garage sales and thrift shopping. For collectors and decorators, garage sales and thrift stores offer a plethora of unique bargains. Bypass the big chain thrift stores and look for small, local stores for a better chance of finding real treasures.

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Go bowling. Get baked and head to your local bowling alley for their Rock-and-Bowl nights. The loud music, trippy lighting and dark atmosphere make it the perfect activity for evening smoke sessions.

Help the environment. Another opportunity to be high in nature, you don’t need an official “clean-up day” to participate in helping the earth. Pick up trash at your local beach, creek or park. It keeps you active plus you get the satisfaction of selfless action. Who knows? You may even find something worth keeping!