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12 of the Best Apps for Stoners

12 of the Best Apps for Stoners

12 of the Best Apps for Stoners

For every facet of life, someone is out there trying to make it better with technology. From 3D printing handguns and replacement body parts in the comfort of our own homes to robots that cuddle and respond to love, if you can dream it, it’s probably already in production. So, why should cannabis and a cannabis lover’s lifestyle be any different? There are all kinds of apps you can download onto your phone or tablet that can enhance your cannabis experiences, from those dedicated exclusively to cannabis to apps that are simply great to have on hand when you’re high.

Here are some of our picks for the best mobile apps for stoners:


Feeling like getting out there and making new cannabis-loving friends? Or maybe you’re new to town and ready to meet some locals?

MassRoots is Facebook for cannabis lovers. Its main focus is on sharing photos, favorite strains, recommendations, recipes and other pot-heavy topics. If you’re looking to network or just share your love of bud with others, MassRoots is a good choice for you.

For stoners looking for love and other relationships, High There! is sort of the Tinder of weed. Its creator developed the app after a bad date with someone who didn’t care for cannabis. So, swipe right for canna-love!


When you want to look up a strain, you can’t go wrong with Leafly. They have more than 3,000 different strains logged along with reviews from users around the world.

Releaf is a helpful cannabis tracking app where users can record the strains they’ve tried and how they made them feel. Make the most out of your cannabis purchases by finding out which strains work best for you!

Cannabis Legends Cookbook helps users integrate cannabis cooking into their lives with recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, and other features. Only on Google Play.

Speaking of groceries, avoid the hassle of running to the store when you’re enjoying a smoke session and get items delivered from InstaCart. For a small fee, a shopper will pick up your munchies and have them to you within an hour or two.

Or skip cooking altogether and get delivery. DoorDash has a wide selection of restaurants (some with free delivery!) that will bring almost any craving to your door, from Thai ice cream to chicken tamales.


Manage your own cannabis empire in Hempire, a casual weed-growing sim. Expand into concentrates, edibles and even breeding new strains. Fun, casual mobile game.

Or get advice from Wiz Khalifa himself in his game Weed Farm. Expand production, invest in lights and hydroponics and become a cannabis magnate!

Or if you’re high and just want something relaxing and visually stimulating, you can’t go wrong with Zen Koi. Direct beautiful Japanese carp around a pond; grow, breed and collect!

Feeling inspired? Try a mobile coloring app; there are several to choose from! Pigment offers free designs and lots of features plus a subscription plan for dedicated adult coloring enthusiasts while Recolor provides trippy effects and 3D graphics.

What are your go-to apps when enjoying cannabis? Let us know your recommendations in the comments!

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