Very Green Sun Tea

Very Green Sun Tea
May 2, 2016 Geraldo Cassay
Extra Green Sun Tea


  • 1 package Natural Cannabis Company Medicated Tea (flavor of your choice)
  • 2 quarts filtered water
  • 2 tablespoons NCC Power Honey mixed thoroughly with enough hot water to dissolve the honey completely, (optional and only recommended for those with a high edible cannabis tolerance).


  • Place all 3 tea bags and water in a glass container with a tight seal. (You can buy a large glass pitcher with a lid that fits tightly or you can use a large mason jar).
  • If you choose to add the power honey/water mixture, you can do so at this time. You can also add fruit, citrus slices or fresh mint here for additional  flavor if you like.
  • Place your glass container outside in direct sunlight for 4-5 hours.  If you do not have a spot that gets that much sunlight continually, move it throughout the day to keep it in direct sunlight.
  • When the tea’s concentration is to your liking, remove the tea bags and transfer your tea to the refrigerator. Enjoy in the next 2 days over ice.

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