• The outdoor deals are just unbeatable! Love the outdoor strains you guys provide for us. –karlsson707

  • This is my favorite dispensary in NorCal. –shortylongpants

  • This (High Art) is the kind of stuff that separates @naturalcannabis from the rest. They give back and provide people a way to express themselves. Awesome company! –jayjaysmuffins

  • HANDS DOWN BEST dispensary I’ve been too!!!(OrganiCann) -@amheliftz

  • Organicann packaging for cannabis is the electronic equivalent of Apple packaging. “So nice you won’t want to throw it away” -@ninernik

  • I’ve had my card since I was 19, & I’m going on 28 @ the end of the year. Cannabis has been the only thing to help me with my anxiety, panic attacks, sleep etc. I’m not into having to take prescribed pills. I’m just not me if I have to. So I’ve been going without anything for awhile. I haven’t been able to medicate with cannabis because of my last few jobs so it’s been rough. Organicann is the only club I go to because the employees have an abundance of knowledge, & are very accommodating. Thanks for being the best & I’ll stay loyal to this business.

    -Christina S.

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