Strain Spotlight: Tahoe OG

Strain Spotlight: Tahoe OG
June 6, 2018 Noa

Strain Spotlight: Tahoe OG

By Zelda Flowers

Tahoe OGTahoe OG is an indica-dominant OG Kush phenotype that can be found in abundance around Northern California. It’s most valued for its potency and has won several awards, including Best Nighttime Strain.

Tahoe OG has an aromatic sweet pine scent but also strong citrus notes with earthy/skunky undertones with an emphasis on the earthiness and spice flavors in the smoke.

Greenshock OD Tahoe OGFull-body relaxation and couchlock are common effects of this strain. The mental effects are no less intense, creating a dreamy, contemplative mindset.

The relaxing and sedative properties of Tahoe OG make it a good choice for evening use, especially for helping combat insomnia. If you’re prone to obsessive thinking or worrying at night, this strain is for you. It provides a mood boost and total stress-relief. 

Be warned that Tahoe OG will stimulate your appetite!

Summary: Tahoe OG is a powerfully sedative strain that’s perfect for evening and bedtime use. It takes effect almost immediately and provides a long-lasting, full-body relaxation with a pleasing, dreamy, mindset. Novice users should practice moderation.


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