Strain Spotlight: Down River Farms’ Triangle Mints

Strain Spotlight: Down River Farms’ Triangle Mints
October 20, 2019 Noa

Strain Spotlight: Down River Farms’ Triangle Mints

Mendocino craft cannabis cultivator Down River Family Farms has produced this outstanding Triangle Mints ($50) phenotype that is bound to become your new favorite. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain is treasured for its incredible aroma and flavor, not to mention its potency! Expect enticingly sweet herbaceous mint mixed with gas when you break open this bag. These frosted, densely packed flowers are rich with flavorful terpenes.

Triangle Mints

The pungent aroma and mouthful of flavor comes in the form of a mild, smooth smoke that belies Triangle Mints’ powerful effects. This isn’t a strain for novices to take lightly. You’ll feel an immediate euphoria and cerebral high, feeling energized. Soon after a warm relaxation takes over, releasing physical signs of stress. This strain is a full body hug!

Intrigued? Order Down River Farms’ Triangle Mints before it’s gone!


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