Strain Spotlight: All Cali Farms’ Pink Cookies

Strain Spotlight: All Cali Farms’ Pink Cookies
August 25, 2019 Noa

Strain Spotlight: All Cali Farms’ Pink Cookies

Are you looking to try a unique indica dominant hybrid? Look no further than All Cali Farms’ Pink Cookies ($14g). With its robust earthen aroma tinged with sweet ripe cherries, Pink Cookies is a delight to the senses even before its effects hit!

All Cali Farms Cannabis

Pink Cookies isn’t pink, but it is a potent cross of two of NorCal’s favorite strains, GSC and Cherry Pie. You can expect a euphorically uplifting high with a peaceful body relaxation. It’s a strain where in the right company you’ll find yourselves giggling wildly over something silly or nothing at all. The perfect strain for watching a comedy with your mates!

Pink Cookies can’t be discounted as a medicinal strain either. With calming body-down effects and the blissful mental state it provides, people are using this strain to treat conditions like stress, inflammation, anxiety, chronic pain, and menstrual cramps. Pink Cookies frees up the anxious mind and is a nice way to unwind when you’re feeling stressed out.

Local to Sonoma County, All Cali Farms has been cultivating high-quality cannabis for more than fifteen years. Focusing on 100% organic, small-batch flowers, they take care to develop unique and robust flavor profiles. Their soil-grown, indoor cannabis is cultivated in an environment where each plant can receive attention and care. The result is flavorful and potent top-shelf cannabis.

Learn more about All Cali Farms and see which strains are currently in stock here on their Farmer’s Series page and explore more local small farms here.

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