Strain Review: Master Kush

Strain Review: Master Kush
April 3, 2017 Randy Barnes
Master Kush 1000

Strain Review: Master Kush

By Zelda Flowers

This representation of Master Kush (gram – $15) from Natural Cannabis Company is a must-try for any true indica lover. Grown in the Sonoma Valley, this strain is a cross between two different landrace strains from the Hindu Kush region.

The buds are tightly compact and covered in trichomes. The scent of this batch is pungent with earthy lime aroma and arouses the senses immediately. Master Kush is one of the more unusual and deliciously scented strains I’ve come across in recent months. The wonderful lime also came through in the flavor of the medium-bodied smoke, although with a musky incense relish. 

Master Kush is a potent indica that provides deep, full-body relaxation which makes it perfect for ending your day and unwinding from everyday stress. It also provides a fair amount of physical pain relief as well as calm, euphoric mental energy. It’s also a nice strain gaining relief from anxiety and depression.

A strain this delicious and potent isn’t without its drawbacks. Dry mouth and eyes are common with Master Kush and it’s a strong appetite stimulant, which could be a positive depending on your needs.

Summary: A deliciously potent indica strain, Master Kush provides excellent full-body relaxation and a calming euphoric mental energy in a flavorful medium-bodied smoke. Scented of lime and incense, Master Kush is a “must try” for indica lovers.

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