Stoner Games: No Man’s Sky’s Astounding Comeback

Stoner Games: No Man’s Sky’s Astounding Comeback
March 30, 2019 Noa

Stoner Games: No Man’s Sky’s Astounding Comeback

No Man’s Sky is an outer space action/adventure survival game produced by British indie developer Hello Games that was released in 2016 to resoundingly terrible reviews. The reviews were in response to the huge promises made by the developers that they failed to deliver on. What makes No Man’s Sky unique is that it takes place in a procedurally generated universe, one that holds quite literally 18 quintillion planets, each one with a unique eco-system including flora, fauna and resources. Critics panned the game for being boring, having weak storylines and too much repetition but unbelievably, Hello Games took the feedback to heart and through a series of updates have finally delivered on their far-out promises.

With new color palettes, gameplay updates and new ways for players to work together, No Man’s Sky has transformed into a great sci-fi adventure game. It’s built around four pillars; trading, combat, exploration and survival. There’s something for every type of player. Although all players are in the same universe, its massive size allows solo-players plenty of space to explore and build while new pairing systems allow you to play with friends or strangers to explore new works. There are plenty of aliens to interact with and pirates to dogfight so even if you’re playing as a lone survivor, the universe doesn’t seem so empty.

Build your fortune by buying and selling commodities to build your fleet or become the terror of the skies as a fearsome space pirate. You can follow the main storyline to find answers to who you are or skip from planet to planet designing awesome bases. Whatever you want to do, it’s up to you. There’s approximately 30-hours of storyline to pursue and endless quests and mini-plots to uncover.

No Man’s Sky (all platforms)

Who it’s for:

Space lovers

Sci-fi geeks

Open-world game lovers

People who love flying games

Try these strains with No Man’s Sky:

Traders: A fun social strain, Red Dragon is great for multi-player play or players focused on trading.

Fighters: Nipomo Chem will give you the energetic buzz needed to fight space pirates and raid freighter well into the night.

Exploration: Pink Cookies will leave you mesmerized as you warp through space and is perfect for chill exploration play.

Survival: Diesel Boost is an energetic, happy strain that’s perfect for balanced gameplay in an unforgiving galaxy.


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