Shaman Extracts

Shaman Extracts

Shaman Extracts produces high quality ultra refined live resin products. Shaman Extracts’ distinct consistencies : “Badder Chips”, and also their “Sugar Diamonds” offer wonderful textures that are a pleasure to dab.

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Shaman Extracts

We started a hash company because we love hash. We took the solventless approach because we love solventless. When we started Rosin Tech Products in 2015, solventless extracts were a relatively new concept. We wanted to empower people to make their own concentrates, right at home, in a safe, healthy way. We spent the next 4 years traveling the world, attending tradeshows, festivals, conferences and cannabis events to educate people on the benefits of solventless concentrates. During that time we became known as the “solventless experts”. We helped refine techniques used by some of the greatest hash artists in the world. We fought for and pushed the idea of solventless across the globe. We were relentless in our passionate promotion of solventless because we have always believed it is the highest form of hash.


From the beginning, the idea was always to make our own hash. So in 2018, we began the next phase in our hash journey. We started the licensing process and Rosin Tech Labs was born. We moved into our facility and began outfitting it with our award winning equipment. We love hash. We consume hash. The core principle has always been to make the type of high quality hash that we would smoke. We make hash for ourselves. We make hash for people who love smoking the best hash in the world.

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