Connected Slow Lane Eighth

Connected Slow Lane Eighth

THC: 23.21%
Hybrid I/S



Type: Indica/Sativa

Typical Effects: Slow Lane, a lovely pair between Biscotti and Sugar Cone. The first whiff is heavy on the sweet creaminess from the Sugar Cone with hints of the Biscotti smoothness. Couple of bowls of this one and it will have you saying, “Go around me ’cause I’m in the Slow Lane….”

Strain History: Biscotti X Sugar Cone

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Connected Slow Lane Eighth

Connected Gushers Eighth

<strong>Type:</strong> Indica/Sativa

<strong>Typical Effects:</strong> Gushers body aspect is mellow, and the cerebral aspect is uplifting and stress-relieving, to say the least, bringing a mood as delicious as its flavour. The terpene is mostly Limonene with rich notes of fuel and grape. Indoor Gushers is a cross between Florida Lemons and Purple Skirt cannabis strains. Being a balanced hybrid this strain is ideal for daytime and evening usage.

<strong>Strain History:</strong> Bred by California based Cookies Fam Genetics, Gushers (also referred to as Fruit Gushers or White Gushers) is an indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Triangle Kush and Gelato #41. It is no surprise that it shares a name with the gummy fruit snack of our childhood as it bursts with a sweet and fruity scent that will have you reaching for that bag of candy. With undertones of sour tropical fruit, herbs, and cookies, the flavor largely matches the smell.

This hybrid’s effects begin in the head, slowly creating a mild head buzz. It creates a mental uplift and relaxation, allowing you to remain calm and focused. Its effects spread later to the body, warming you with a tingling sedation. You may find yourself on the couch, content with a bowl of popcorn for a couple hours. Enjoy this strain in the evening to help with anxiety, depression, tension, appetite loss and moderate pain.

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