Beezle – Assorted Concentrates

Beezle – Assorted Concentrates


Assorted Concentrates


Beezle – Assorted Concentrates

Beezle – Assorted Concentrates

Type: Sativa/Indica

Aroma/Flavor: This melt has a tangy orange and sour citrus aroma and flavor.

Typical Effects: This melt is a delicious hybrid. Its effects are quick, creating a strong creative and energetic boost. Symptoms of anxiety and depression fade quickly, replaced by an energetic euphoria that can even act as a social stimulant, perfect for hanging out with friends or outdoor activities. Its effects spread to the body, providing a  tingly buzz, helping to fight pain and tension. This melt’s effects maker it an outstanding option for daytime relief!

Beezle Brands is nestled among the foothills of northern Sonoma County, home to pristine growing conditions and some of the world’s most preeminent wineries. Embodying this terroir, along with specialized organic cultivation practices and state of the art extraction techniques, Beezle Brands has been pushing the envelope in production of exceptional quality products since 2012. With a diverse team of professionals dedicated to quality and consistency, Beezle Brands specializes in the farm to patient experience. From concentrates to vape cartridges to edibles, this award-winning company prides itself on ensuring that every product bearing the Beezle name is responsibly sourced, safe for consumption, and free of any harmful residuals. If the best is what you desire, be sure to ask for Beezle.

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