First Cut Farms’ Light Dep. Blue Sky

First Cut Farms’ Light Dep. Blue Sky

THC: 19.7%
Hybrid I/S


Type: Sativa/Indica

Typical Effects: This sweet strain winds you up like one of those old little toys with a nob in their side and send you zooming.. across the room. Big deal, I know. But did you feel like cleaning before? No? You probably do now. Or, let me guess, you’re going to take a hike outside and get some much-needed sunshine. Not that either? Well, whatever it is, that energy and focus is coming straight from the smoke of this decadent strain. Be careful – it can’t last all day. So take it easy and allow the day to get lazy whenever you’re ready.

Appellation: Covelo – Grown by First Cut Farms

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First Cut Farms’ Light Dep. Blue Sky

First Cut Farms’ Light Dep. Blue Sky

Type: Indica/Sativa

Aroma/Flavor: Black Lime carries an earthy spice to her buds. This flower’s flavor is more pronounced, leaving a peppery spice and pine/citrus sourness on your palette.

Typical Effects: Black Lime is a reserve bred strain that combines the genetics of some greats. Her bright green buds are usually covered in trichomes and orange hairs, instantly appealing to those who appreciate a beautiful bud. Her fresh and smooth smoke ushers in a rush of joy unrivaled by many strains. She may be Indica dominant, but her effects lean more towards Sativa in nature. She is heady and creative, helping to wipe away stress and unhappiness. Her physical effects are mild in comparison, but leave you mellow and relaxed, easing minor aches and pains. Use this strain any time of day to help with anxiety, depression, migraines and more!

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