Farmacy Phactory – Assorted Concentrates

Farmacy Phactory – Assorted Concentrates


Assorted Concentrates by Farmacy Phactory

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Emerald Essence – Purple Dragon Shatter Gram

Emerald Essence – Purple Dragon Shatter Gram

Type: Indica/Sativa

Flavor/Aroma: This enticing shatter smells like sweet berries. Its flavor is mellow and only mildly sweet.

Typical Effects: This shatter was created from a beautiful purple strain. Its lineage contributes to its outstanding ability to combat anxiety, pain, and especially nausea as it can leave you with a case of the munchies. Its effects include a strong body buzz, easing tension and suppressing pain. Its cerebral effects slowly creep up on you, inducing a sleepy and carefree laziness.

Shatter concentrates are made by liquefying and then re-solidifying the trichome crystals that coat cannabis buds (which house the THC and other cannabinoids) in a process using some type of solvent. This results in a brittle, yet sticky, very potent concentrate that resembles amber and shatters easily when cold/melts when heat is applied.

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