Biscotti – Assorted Hash

Biscotti – Assorted Hash

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Biscotti – Assorted Hash

Biscotti curates the most unique hash from strains that are loved by many. These fluffy resina hash items pair well with flower and can be used in a joint or on top of a bowl. Biscotti pressed hash is perfect for any occasion!

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Biscotti – Assorted Hash

Type: Sativa/Indica

Aroma/Flavor: Dream Queen often smells of sweet bubblegum and pineapple fruitiness. Its flavor usually lends a pungent sour-citrus that leaves a mildly sweet aftertaste.

Typical Effects: This powerful hash ushers in a strong, energetic euphoria that easily crushes symptoms of depression and social anxiety. It can evoke chatter and excitement, making it a great social stimulant and daytime activity enhancement. Its effects slowly taper off into a mild physical relaxation that actively fights minor aches and pains.

Strain History: Blue Dream X Cindy 99

The hash was proudly made with Bon Vivantʼs exquisite Clean Green Certified flowers. Their Mendocino based flower is of the highest caliber in California.

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