Holiday Special – Greenshock’s Dr. Green Shock 1:1 1/8th

Holiday Special – Greenshock’s Dr. Green Shock 1:1 1/8th

THC: 10.03% | CBD: 9.5%
High CBD


$30.00 $25.00

Type: Indica

Aroma/Flavor: Musky, Spicey, Peppery

Typical Effects: Anti – Inflammatory – Relaxing – Eases Tension – Mildly Psychoactive

Appellation: Mendocino County

Strain History: Unknown


Green Friday – Greenshock’s Dr. Green Shock 1:1 1/8th

Green Friday – Greenshock’s Dr. Green Shock 1:1 1/8th

Type: Indica

Aroma/Flavor: Musky earth wth a peppery spice.

Typical Effects: This strain is CBD rich. CBD is the second most highly concentrated chemical compound present in cannabis. CBD has recently gained attention in the scientific world for its ability to reduce inflammation, relax muscles and more, all without the psychoactive effects of THC. Recreational users may be disappointed in the lack of the common “stone”, but for many, CBD is a side-effect free way to experience the benefits of cannabis. CBD is also thought to help counteract the effects of THC, helping to reduce side-effects such as paranoia. Strains rich in CBD are most commonly used to treat neurological disorders, epilepsy and cancer.

 Appellation: Mendo Hills

Strain History: Unknown


Greenshock, head cultivator and breeder at Greenshock Farms, has been growing and breeding cannabis for 22 years throughout Northern and Southern California. A love of nature and being in the mountains of California nurtured his interest in growing cannabis, a love that he is still passionate about two decades later.

Greenshock Farms are unique in that all their farms harmoniously work with the land and native vegetations and soils. They grow full season, full sun, 100% organic into the native soils, just as the vineyards do. Generic soil mixes and smart pots are not used. Decades of breeding have produced some of the best strains available. Of which over 90% are unique to them.

Greenshock and his team believe in growing the best cannabis in the world. A lot of labor and love goes into every part of their work with this special plant and they understand proper organic growing requires more than the usual effort and knowledge to succeed at its best levels. Greenshock’s concerned with how many growers compromise the quality and safety of cannabis with their lazy approaches. In his words, “I wish more consumers realize how many shortcuts can be taken. Every time something gets sprayed on the plants it will become part of the plant. So much cannabis is compromised! Commercial marijuana can never compete with small batch artisanal cannabis. Consumers are realizing that cannabis plants take in the environment. You don’t want cannabis tucked in a warehouse with unnatural light. You want natural light, grown in the earth with birds chirping, not ballasts humming”

Greenshock has a lot to say about cannabis. His belief in the plant and the people involved is evident when he enthusiastically discusses his favorite part of the business. He responds, “I love the people and the plants. I get to meet the greatest people who are cannabis enthusiasts. All different walks of life, cannabis brings them together, all races all religions. And then the plants, I love breeding and growing. I love to smell and taste new strains. As a breeder and grower it’s my job to search and find new flavors that inspire people. It’s great to be able to help others. Whether it’s inspiration or pain relief, cannabis offers so much!”

Many of the strains unique to Greenshock Farms carry a cult like following but one he is especially proud of is Purple Candy Cane. When asked why it should be tried he responded, “It’s what cannabis is all about. It smells and tastes so good! The effects are considered first class. It’s an antidepressant, creative, feel good weed.” Mark has the experts to back him up on that as it has impressively garnered top-three finishes in the last two Emerald Cups, 3rd place in 2015 and 2nd place this past December for the 2016 competition.

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