Product Spotlight: Blue Dream

Product Spotlight: Blue Dream
April 30, 2018 Noa

Product Spotlight: Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a sweet, berry-flavored hybrid strain preferred by many consumers for daytime use. One reason for this strain’s popularity is its euphoric mental energy and happy head-based high. With parentage that includes Blueberry and Haze, there are mild, relaxing body effects as well which may be more pronounced in those sensitive to indica.

Sonoma Coast Blue Dream

The mood-boosting, happy effects of Blue Dream are great for relieving stress, depression and anxiety. Daily irritations melt away after a few hits of this strain. THC levels range from 17-24%. Some women have reported success using Blue Dream to alleviate pain from menstrual cramps.

Blue Dream

If you’re looking at growing your own cannabis, Blue Dream is an easy-to-grow strain with good yields ideal for beginners. It’s even resistant to powdery mildew.

Summary: Fragrant and sweet Blue Dream is prized for the fast-acting, euphoric head rush it provides making it a good choice for morning or daytime use. A true sativa/indica hybrid, you can expect to enjoy relaxing body effects as well. Easy to grow with high output, Blue Dream is a sturdy hybrid great for novice gardeners.

Rising Sun - Blue Dream Shatter

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