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  • utopia_farms_macaroons
    Gluten Free


    Utopia Farm’s Cannabis Macaroons

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    Utopia's Macaroons These macaroons take you higher. Made with premium, organic and non-GMO ingredients, you get the delicious flavor without the guilt. Utopia Farm's cannabis-infused coconut oil gives you the perfect lift to accompany this clean and simple snack or dessert. Forget those junk filled candy bars, delight your senses with these nutritious edibles #ThisIsUtopia. Utopia Farms macaroons are raw, gluten-free, vegan, kosher-friendly, paleo-friendly and always made with organic ingredients and pesticide/contaminant-free guaranteed extracts. Each package contains Ten 10 milligram macaroons.
  • Clementine
    THC%: 23.87
    CBD%: 0.03
    Hybrid S/I


    Utopia Farms’ Clementine

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    Type: Sativa/Indica Aroma/Flavor: This unique strain smells of sweet and sour tangerines with a skunk-like bite. Typical Effects: This strain enhances creativity and uplifts the mind. Its effects allow you to forget about stress and anxiety. It makes it easier to focus on tasks at hand. This strain tends to be mainly cerebral, however; in larger quantities, it can spread a warm and tingly numbing sensation to the body. Use this strain during the day for relief from migraines, depression, and anxiety. Appellation: Bay Area Strain History: Unknown
    THC%: 23.87
    CBD%: 0.03

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